• New Analysis: One-Fifth of Lost Jobs From $10.10 Held By Hispanics

    This week marks the fifth anniversary of the 2009 federal minimum wage increase to $7.25, and the network of labor unions and advocacy groups who are promoting another one aren’t wasting the occasion. But in their campaign to promote the … Continue reading

  • A Minimum Wage Wake-Up Call for California

    On July 1st, California’s minimum wage rose to $9 an hour, the first stage of a two-part increase to $10. Elsewhere, localities in the state have their sights set even higher, topping out with a $15 ballot proposal in San … Continue reading

  • New Survey: Seattle’s $15 Misstep

    Earlier this month, Seattle became the first major city in the United States to approve a $15 minimum wage. With the ink from Mayor Ed Murray’s signature barely dry on the new ordinance, activists and legislators in other major cities—including … Continue reading

  • A Copy-and-Paste Response to Inconvenient Facts about Paid Leave

    In addition to researching wage mandates, the Employment Policies Institute has also conducted a series of employer surveys to gauge the impact of paid sick leave laws. Consistent with earlier research from San Francisco–published, ironically, by advocates for a paid … Continue reading

  • Summer Bummer for Teens in Country’s Largest Metro Areas

    Recently, the Employment Policies Institute (EPI) released a new analysis of Census Bureau data showing that many of America’s top U.S. metropolitan areas, including Los Angeles, Portland, San Diego, and San Francisco, have youth unemployment rates that average far higher … Continue reading

  • Bill Clinton’s Case Against a 40% Wage Hike

    In 1998, the U.S. economy was booming: Unemployment was at 4.6 percent, and just under 14 percent of teenagers in the labor force were searching for work. But even in these robust economic times, then-President Bill Clinton’s economic team gave … Continue reading

  • The Evidence-Free Case for a Wage Hike

    When politicians don’t use facts to defend their position, there’s a good chance the facts don’t back them up. Exhibit A is a recent op-ed from New Jersey Senate President  Stephen Sweeney (D) in support of the state’s January 1st minimum wage … Continue reading

  • Raising the Minimum Wage Will Hurt Women the Most

    In a recent report, the White House described an increase in the minimum wage as “especially important for women,” pointing out that just over half of the employees covered by the President’s $10.10 proposal are women. (Other minimum wage advocates … Continue reading

  • The President’s Misleading Minimum Wage Op-Ed

    The White House this week is distributing an op-ed signed by President Obama that promises “millions” of Americans will be raised out of poverty if the minimum wage is increased to $10.10. Unfortunately, the President’s rhetoric doesn’t match up with … Continue reading

  • Big Labor’s Bus Tour Gets a Reality Check

    It’s been a difficult couple of weeks for proponents of a higher minimum wage, as we’ve documented in earlier posts. Faced with a Congressional Budget Office (CBO) estimate projecting as many as one million lost jobs from a $10.10 minimum wage, even … Continue reading

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