• ROC Wants To Destroy New York’s “System of Tipping”

    A full-page ad in today’s New York Post exposes the true motives behind the Restaurant Opportunities Center (ROC) and its push to eliminate the tip credit. (For those not acquainted with the tip credit debate, a primer is available here.) ROC’s founder, … Continue reading

  • What Cuomo Gets Wrong about the Tipped Wage

    Governor Andrew Cuomo is eager to abolish New York’s tipped wage. So eager, in fact, that he’s willing to justify his agenda with false data analysis from the Restaurant Opportunities Center (ROC). A new policy brief from the Employment Policies … Continue reading

  • The Tipped-Wage Beer in Texas

    Something odd is brewing in Texas. Oasis Texas Brewing Company will release a new pale ale named “$2.13” on January 26th to “bring awareness to the fact that these servers and bartenders in the service industry are making $2.13 an … Continue reading

  • New Year’s Wage Hikes Bring Big Consequences

    We’ve chronicled the consequences of a $15 minimum wage our website Faces of $15. Less than two weeks into 2018, the list of tragic stories keeps growing. With Ontario, Canada’s minimum wage rising to $14 an hour, franchisees of Canadian … Continue reading

  • The Unnecessary Fight for $15

    The Trump administration’s tax overhaul prompted Wells Fargo and Fifth Third Bancorp to raise their minimum wages to $15 per hour. OceanFirst Financial Corp., a New Jersey bank, and three of the biggest banks in Hawaii—The Bank of Hawaii and … Continue reading

  • New Study Shows Consequences of California’s $15 Minimum Wage

    For the past two decades, California has pursued minimum wage levels about the federal standard. It will be the first state to reach a $15.00 per hour minimum wage, in 2022. A new study by Dr. David Macpherson of Trinity … Continue reading

  • Flagstaff’s Minimum Wage Hike Threatens Elderly and Disabled Residents

    Flagstaff, Ariz. will raise its minimum wage to $11.00 on January 1, 2018. That wage is $1.00 higher than Arizona’s $10.00 state minimum wage and $3.75 higher than the federal minimum wage. Hell-bent on higher wages, city council members have … Continue reading

  • The Pitfalls Of Fighting For $15 in Florida

    Across the nation, lawmakers continue to grapple with the viability and impact of increasing the minimum wage to $15 an hour. Last year, the Florida state legislature took up the measure in Senate Bill 6 and House Bill 109, that … Continue reading

  • The Fight For $15 Strikes Out

    In the aftermath of the 2016 elections, Bloomberg reported that the SEIU planned a significant 30 percent funding cut. The pricey Fight for $15 campaign–on which the union has spent $90-million+ thus far, with little in the way of direct union benefit to show for … Continue reading

  • Summer Rolls In and Minimum Wages Rise

    As the mercury rises in thermometers, minimum wage levels are rising, too. On July 1st, 17 states and localities increased their wage floors. (See table below.) Ten California cities and localities saw wage increases, with the general wage floor rising as high as … Continue reading

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