• A Fast Food Protest Built on Flimsy Facts

    SEIU-supported protesters were bused to McDonald’s annual shareholders’ meeting in Oak Brook, Illinois today to agitate in favor of higher pay and greater benefits. Their demands were twofold and familiar: an increase in the minimum wage to $15 an hour … Continue reading

  • A Golden State Payout for Big Labor

    California’s impending $15 minimum wage will take full effect by 2022-23. Evidence suggests that organized labor’s $1.6 million investment in the venture is already set to pay off. Typically, unions support a higher minimum wage to achieve an indirect pay benefit … Continue reading

  • America’s Poor Need a Job, Not a “Raise”

    Will raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour dramatically reduce poverty rates? Setting aside the policy’s negative impact on jobs, a dramatic minimum wage hike faces a far more fundamental problem: A majority of Americans in poverty don’t work and can’t … Continue reading

  • Meet The New Fast Food Crew Member

    The SEIU-backed Fight for $15 takes to the streets again today to demand $15 and a union. In a full-page ad in USA Today, we highlight one of the most predictable consequences for less-skilled employees – job loss from automation. McDonald’s has … Continue reading

  • Do Part-Time Employees Want “Fairness” or Flexibility?

    Unions and the advocacy groups they fund in the District of Colombia have a new grievance: part-time schedules. Legislation under consideration by the City Council – based on a similar ordinance passed in San Francisco last year –  would require employers … Continue reading

  • About Those Economists Who Support Cuomo’s $15 Wage Proposal

    Governor Cuomo’s $15 minimum wage proposal has been criticized by a diverse group of legislators, small businesses, nonprofits, and newspaper editorial pages, all of whom have pointed out the obvious: A $15 wage mandate will have serious consequences. But recently, … Continue reading

  • A History Lesson for Minimum Wage Proponents

    Today, labor advocates are celebrating the 20th anniversary of David Card and Alan Krueger’s controversial book Myth and Measurement. The best-known research it contains found that a wage hike increased employment in New Jersey relative to neighboring Pennsylvania. It’s a convenient story … Continue reading

  • Cuomo’s Reckless Drive for $15

    Governor Andrew Cuomo’s RV trip around the state to pitch his $15 minimum wage proposal has been fueled with lofty claims and misleading facts. In an ad in today’s New York Post, we take on his boldest claim, that there’s “no … Continue reading

  • The Impact of a $12 Minimum Wage in Maine

    Proponents of a higher minimum wage in Maine, led by the state AFL-CIO, have gathered enough signatures to put their proposed $12 minimum wage to a vote this November. But earlier today a coalition representing approximately ten thousand Maine business owners announced their … Continue reading

  • Even Proponents Agree: Wage Hikes Cause Job Loss

    Erica Payne is the President of an organization called Patriotic Millionaires, which made a name for itself during the lame duck session of Congress in 2010 when they demanded higher taxes for America’s wealthy, themselves included. More recently, the millionaires … Continue reading

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