• 15 Errors in the Fight for $15: It’s Not Fiscally Responsible

    No summer is complete without a summer reading list, and SEIU boss David Rolf’s “Fight for $15” is at the top of ours. Alas, while the book has plenty of entertaining rhetorical flourishes, its commitment to factual accuracy on the … Continue reading

  • SEIU vs. Cleveland Grocery Stores

    With a revitalized downtown and a commitment to reducing pollution and crime, Cleveland will be hosting the Republican National Convention in July and plans to become a destination city. All of this could come crashing down, however, with the passage … Continue reading

  • $15 Minimum Wage: Putting Jobs Out Of Reach

    For many Americans, July marks the hottest part of the summer season. It’s the time of year for shorts, swimming pools, backyard barbecues and fireworks. However, employees and small business owners across the country will be feeling the heat this … Continue reading

  • A Fast Food Protest Built on Flimsy Facts

    SEIU-supported protesters were bused to McDonald’s annual shareholders’ meeting in Oak Brook, Illinois today to agitate in favor of higher pay and greater benefits. Their demands were twofold and familiar: an increase in the minimum wage to $15 an hour … Continue reading

  • A Golden State Payout for Big Labor

    California’s impending $15 minimum wage will take full effect by 2022-23. Evidence suggests that organized labor’s $1.6 million investment in the venture is already set to pay off. Typically, unions support a higher minimum wage to achieve an indirect pay benefit … Continue reading

  • America’s Poor Need a Job, Not a “Raise”

    Will raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour dramatically reduce poverty rates? Setting aside the policy’s negative impact on jobs, a dramatic minimum wage hike faces a far more fundamental problem: A majority of Americans in poverty don’t work and can’t … Continue reading

  • Meet The New Fast Food Crew Member

    The SEIU-backed Fight for $15 takes to the streets again today to demand $15 and a union. In a full-page ad in USA Today, we highlight one of the most predictable consequences for less-skilled employees – job loss from automation. McDonald’s has … Continue reading

  • Do Part-Time Employees Want “Fairness” or Flexibility?

    Unions and the advocacy groups they fund in the District of Colombia have a new grievance: part-time schedules. Legislation under consideration by the City Council – based on a similar ordinance passed in San Francisco last year –  would require employers … Continue reading

  • About Those Economists Who Support Cuomo’s $15 Wage Proposal

    Governor Cuomo’s $15 minimum wage proposal has been criticized by a diverse group of legislators, small businesses, nonprofits, and newspaper editorial pages, all of whom have pointed out the obvious: A $15 wage mandate will have serious consequences. But recently, … Continue reading

  • A History Lesson for Minimum Wage Proponents

    Today, labor advocates are celebrating the 20th anniversary of David Card and Alan Krueger’s controversial book Myth and Measurement. The best-known research it contains found that a wage hike increased employment in New Jersey relative to neighboring Pennsylvania. It’s a convenient story … Continue reading

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