• The Fight for 15 Fizzles in Seattle

    Last week, Seattle Mayor Ed Murray marked the 3rd anniversary of the city’s minimum wage hike, but a new University of Washington study shows there is little to celebrate for many of Seattle’s employers and employees. The report finds Seattle’s incoming $15 minimum wage … Continue reading

  • Compensation Hypocrisy on Capitol Hill: $15 Minimum Wage Supporters Hire Unpaid Interns

    Last month, the Congressional Progressive Caucus introduced the Raise the Wage Act of 2017, which would hike the federal minimum wage by 107 percent to $15 an hour. However, a new Employment Policies Institute (EPI) analysis shows that the majority of the bill’s cosponsors have … Continue reading

  • The Foolish Arguments For a $15 Minimum Wage

    In 2014, the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office estimated, based on a review of 60 studies, that a $10.10 federal minimum wage would cost 500,000 jobs nationally. Economists from Miami University and Trinity University replicated the CBO’s methodology for a proposed $12 federal minimum … Continue reading

  • Sheryl Sandberg’s Minimum Wage Sandbagging

    In a Mother’s Day post, Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg’s called for a minimum wage increase. That’s easy for her to say. Her company wouldn’t be affected by the mandate that would disproportionately affect businesses with tiny profit margins. Facebook’s 2016 … Continue reading

  • Harvard Study Finds Minimum Wage Increase Causes Restaurant Decrease

    At our sister site, Faces of $15, we’ve been documenting the “death march” of Bay Area restaurant closures due to dramatic minimum wage increases. Now a new Harvard Business School study provides additional analytical support to our observational findings. The study concludes that … Continue reading

  • The Real Faces of 15

    A new commercial from the Employment Policies Institute shows the hardships caused by dramatic minimum wage increases across the country. While “Fight for 15” protests occur today, there are numerous stories of the harm of a $15 minimum wage increase. … Continue reading

  • The Fight For $15 Loses Steam

    Last week, Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh vetoed legislation to create a $15 minimum wage in the city. On the other side of the country, the City Council in Flagstaff, Arizona, took the rare step of rolling back a planned increase … Continue reading

  • ‘Fake News’ About Andy Puzder’s Popularity

    As part of its smear campaign against Labor Secretary-designate Andy Puzder, the National Employment Law Project (NELP) this afternoon will release a “poll” from Hart Research Associates, the pollster for unions and liberal advocacy groups. NELP has a recent history … Continue reading

  • National Survey of Franchisee Employees Finds Overwhelming Job Satisfaction

    Andy Puzder, CEO of CKE Restaurants (Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr), has been nominated by President-elect Donald Trump for Secretary of Labor, and his confirmation hearing is scheduled for the week of January 16th. The nomination has generated considerable interest in … Continue reading

  • Democrats, not Republicans, Killed $15 in Cleveland

    Earlier this year, the SEIU attempted to ram through a proposal in Cleveland to raise that city’s minimum wage by 85 percent to $15. The Cleveland City Council, consisting of 16 Democrats and 1 Green Party member, overwhelmingly rejected the idea, and … Continue reading

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